Moulin Rouge Party postponed

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We have received a lot of responses from the derby community they cannot make it to our 10 year anniversary. Festivals, concerts, weddings, scrimmages, family visits, holidays; our social agendas are packed and often double booked with long overdue activities. It seems everyone is catching up after corona. Without people, without you there is no party! Therefor we have decided to postpone our party to February 2023. But wait! It is going to be better! We are going to combine it with our yearly Valentines open scrimmage!  So play/watch derby in Moulin Rouge outfit AND party!  

We are very sorry to the people who have already bought tickets and made plans. You can keep your ticket for February. If you prefer a refund, send an email to with your legal name,  IBAN and number of tickets.

We want to give a big shout out to our volunteers and @willemeen who have put already a lot of effort in the organization of this event. Also a big thanks to our acts, dj’s and announcer @sofieredsiren for their understanding and flexibility. @anna_venture_dance and @nita_bonair from Cologne, Germany will dazzle us with some great burlesque and even have prepared an act on roller skates for us! We can’t wait. DJ’s $anz and UwU from @unitas_wageningen will provide some ‘fingerlickin’ good music!