Today: SINFEST 2013 Welcome to Sincity

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2013 is the year, Roller Derby League the Arnhem Fallen Angels, became 2 years old and this means celebration with all of you Rockers and Rollers!

We will give you some extraordinary excitement:

  • A PONY NAMED OLGA (cowboypolkapunk from Berlin)
  • CHEAP THRILLS (vixens Rock ‘n’ Roll from Harlem)
  • MISS KNOCK OUT (burlesque from Finland)
  • MISS PINK (poledance from The Delta)
  • PUPPI the Queen of Chaos! (MC)
  • DJ’s
  • Visuals
  • Rollin’ waitresses
  • On-skate tricks

..and more extraordinary exciting pleasures of Derbythingies!